Lounge Pants - 3 Tips For Wearing Lounge Pants In Public

Published: 19th September 2011
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At one time, you had to be all dressed up when you left the house, in order to maintain a proper image. But now there's another extreme. Lots of people are wearing their lounge pants and their workout pants beyond the house or yoga studio. It can be very comfortable to wear them when you're out running errands as well as when you're lounging. But the look can look bad if you don't do it right, and you'll end up looking messy and sloppy. So to make sure you look good wearing this look, you need to read and follow the tips below.

Make Sure You Dress In Nice Pants -- Some people mistakenly think that this style allows them to wear their pajamas out of the house. But wearing your pajamas in public only works in the dorms at college (maybe), and is no way to be running your errands or going out otherwise.

There are actually differences between pajama pants, lounge pants, and workout pants. Pajama pants are bright and vivid most of the time. The cut is baggy and the material is probably also thin. No matter where you go or what you wear with them, they look like pajamas.

Lounge pants may be more fitted than pajamas, but are cut looser than workout pants. However, these pants can also be too relaxed of a cut or too thin of material. Some are great for in public, while some pairs are much better suited to remaining in the house.

Workout pants are made for, of course, working out. To make them appropriate for activity, they are usually form fitting and stretch well. But some of these are made instead with a flare leg or a more minor bootcut, fitting in the thighs and more relaxed around the lower leg.

Wear Pants That Fit -- It only makes sense to wear a pair of pants that looks awesome on you. Some people need a relaxed fit, while others prefer a form-fitting look or just a flared leg. Try the pants on and ask yourself if you would want to be seen in them outside the house. If you can't bear the thought, then either don't buy them or only keep them for around the house. And if you like your pants tight, make sure your panty lines aren't showing. They're never a good thing to have.

Wear It If You Like It -- There are lots of people who would never dream of wearing workout pants or lounge pants out in public. They may feel it is inappropriate, that it looks disorderly, or that it just is not a good style for them. If you are one of these people, then no problems. It is always important to wear the styles that are right for you. However, if you look great in these kinds of pants and are perfectly comfortable with wearing them out of the house, then go for it.

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